Robotic Drums V1
PRICE: £6.99
• WAV Loop Sample Pack
• 300 + WAV FILES
• 120 BPM
• 820MB (unzipped)



OVER 300 robotic drum loops in WAV format.

GENRE Electronica, Industrial, Dance, Dark Wave, Gothic Rock, Synthpop

DRUM LOOPS that have been carefully crafted to create killer backbone grooves in the genre of the dark, robotic, trancelike and industrial. Think of Nine Inch Nails, and the darker side of Depeche Mode, and you're heading in our direction.


WHAT YOU GET WITH Robotic Drums, is a fantastic royalty free collection of over 300 drum loops in WAV format.

THE FIRST in a series of products, the Robotic Drums V1. drum loops are all set to a BPM of 120.

ALL OF THE DRUM SOUNDS in the demo tracks (On the left) are pure loop selections from the Robotic Drums Library, and have not been edited in any way. This is what you get.

BOTTOM LINE: Every decade, one sample library comes along that defines a generation.* Drum sounds that collectively capture the world's imagination, and defines who we are as a human race. This is not that library. But if you're looking for some great drum loops for to kick-start your imagination, and your not willing to spend more than you would for a pint of beer in London. This will do nicely.

*No, it doesn't.

ROYALTY FREE? Absolutely! DO use in your commercial compositions, DO use in your nasty porn films. DO NOT resell as a sample library.

COMPATABILITY - Works with all major music creation software.